Products that are has an AliExpress Status - "Not Connected" means that they are in your Shopify store but they have not been synchronized with Shopzie yet. You will have to sync the products first before Shopzie can auto-order the products from the AliExpress vendor. 

To connect a product to Shopzie:

1. Go to "Products" from the navigation menu. 

2. Locate the "Not Connected" products you wish to connect.  You can click on the "Ali Status" text to speed up the search.

3. Once you have located the product, click on the product OR click on the vertical 3-dot icon and select "View" from the drop-down menu.

4. Scroll down to the Variants Table section, and click on the edit Icon for each variant if the product has more than one variant. 

5. Under the "AliExpress Bindings" section, click on the "Add Item" button on the top right corner.

6. Select either "Choose from known vendor/product" if you want to connect a product from an existing vendor you have previous connected to Shopzie or "Choose from an AliExpress Link" if you want to connect to a new product by pasting in the AliExpress product url.

7. When completed, click on the "Add" button. 

8. Repeat the steps 4-7 for each variant. 

9. Done! 

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