There are two ways you can save a product to the Shopzie web app without uploading the product to your Shopify store. You may want to do this if you just wish to bookmark the product for now and then later decide to add the product to your store. 

Please note: For both methods, you are required to have the latest Shopzie Chrome Extension installed to your Chrome browser. Please click here to install your Shopzie Chrome Extension.

Method #1: Quick Add Directly From AliExpress Product Listings Page

1. Go to and search for products you wish to save. From the Product Listings page, you will see the Shopzie chrome extension identifier to show whether ePacket is available for each product, the cost, and the processing time. If you do not see the identifier, then you probably did not have the Shopzie Chrome Extension installed. 

2. Hover your mouse over the product you wish to save and then click on the quick-add "Shopzie Cart" button.

3. If you have more than one Shopify store connected to Shopzie, choose the store you wish to save the product to. Then click "Save In App". Your product will then be saved inside Shopzie web app.

Method #2: Save Product Via Individual AliExpress Product Page

1. Go to and find a product you would like to save to your store. Click on the product to the AliExpress product page. On your Chrome browser toolbar, click on the Shopzie chrome extension icon. The built-in editor will display for you to make product title, price, and images changes.

2. Make the desired product changes directly on the built-in editor. 

3. Once you're done, scroll down to the bottom and click on the orange "Save in app" button.

4. The product is now saved in the Shopzie web app. Please note: the product is only saved in the Shopzie web app, it has not been published to the Shopify store yet. 

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