With Shopzie, you have the ability to sell and auto-fulfill a bundle offer by quantity. For example, you can sell two of the same product for a discounted price (i.e. Sell two pairs of sunglasses for $20). You can create this bundle offer on Shopify, your customers will only have to add 1 quantity of the entire offer to the cart once, and Shopzie will fulfill the order by ordering two quantities of the item from the AliExpress vendor. 

Using the same example above:

You create a bundle offer to sell two pairs of sunglasses for $20. You have a Shopify product page for this bundle offer. A customer adds the offer to the cart once and pays. Shopzie will see the bundle order and order 2 pairs of sunglasses from the AliExpress vendor.

To bundle a product by quantity:

1. Go to Products from the navigation menu. 

2. Find the product you wish to create a bundle offer. 

3. Click on the vertical 3-dot icon and select View to view the product or click on the product title to view the product.

4. At the Variants section, select the variant that you wish to create the bundle offer with and click on the edit button.

5. Under the Quantity column, enter in the quantity for the bundle offer (i.e. 2 or more). 

6. Click "Save" and there you go, you just created a bundle offer.  

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