With Shopzie, you are able to bundle a product with another product and even with a different vendor.

To create a bundle with a different product:

1. Go to Products on your navigation menu inside Shopzie.

2. Select the product that you wish to create a bundle with by clicking the product title or use the 3-vertical dots to expand a drop down menu and click View.

3. At the Variants section, click on the variant that you wish to create a bundle with.

4. At the AliExpress Bindings section, click on the "Add Item" button.

5. You can add a new bundle item either by selecting "Choose from known vendor/product" or "Choose from an AliExpress link".

6. Click the "Add" button to bundle the product.

7. Finally, click on the "Save" button to update the change on your Shopify store.

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