If you have added in more than one AliExpress vendor to a specific product variant. you can set a default vendor for your product variant so that Shopzie will always use the default vendor to place order for you. If your default vendor no longer has the product available, Shopzie will automatically use the next vendor to place the order for you.

1. Go to Products from the navigation menu.

2. Locate the product that you wish to set a default vendor by clicking on the product title or the 3-vertical dots to expand a drop down menu for the view button.

3. At the variant that you wish to set a default vendor for, click on the edit icon.

4. At the "AliExpress Binding" section", it will show you how many vendors are currently linked to this product variant. Click on the "Vendor/s" button.

5. It will then open up a pop up window in which it will show you the vendors your product variant is currently linked to and the details.

6. To set a default vendor, click on the stars on the vendor that you wish to set as default when placing order on AliExpress.

7. Done!

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