AliExpress requires a phone number for all orders during checkout. By entering in a default order phone number inside Settings, Shopzie will use this default phone number when one is not provided by your customer. You can either use your business phone number or a personal one. Your customers will not be able to see this. It is simply for placing orders on AliExpress.

To set a default order phone number:

1. Go To Settings.

2. Under the Auto Fulfill section, enter in your phone number in the field box next to Order Phone Number.

3. Next to Phone Settings, you have two options: 1) Override the customer's phone number with the default phone number OR 2) Use the customer's phone number if present. Only use the default phone number when the customer's phone number isn't preset. If you choose the first option, it will always use the phone number you have entered in step 2. If you choose the second option, it will use the customer's phone number if it is available. 

4. Click "Save".

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